Friday, December 21, 2007

The Grand Plaza, Bangkok

The opulence of the grand plaza is almost unprecedented in Thailand.

It is a stunning plaza of patterns, details and complexity.

The Grand Plaza is the home of the royal family - and has been the royal residence since it was constructed in the 1700's honoring Bangkok as Thailand's new capital. The claywork is masterful...

The level of detail is awe-inspiring.

There must be thousands of these hand painted tiles 11" x 20" - with such precise and delicate brushwork.

And then there is the hand carved slate tile....

Absolutely millions upon millions of tiny mosiac glass work throughout this gaudy, overdone and yet inspiring homage to royalty.

And everytime you turn your head... there is more and more...

layer, upon layer of patterning, movement, texture, design, artistry & mastery, both of workers and kingdom.

Even today, the mastery continues as restoration artists maintain this great plaza as it was in the days of King Rama 1st.

Paintings on plaster walls peeling with age are being redone...

And the mosiac artistry of the past is channeled through these contemporary craftsmen...

All keeping the Grand Palace simply Grand!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

some new friends

She let us enjoy a short ride


Time for a snack

Getting a litle pushy